Weekly Celebration Assembly

Every Friday the whole school joins together for a Celebration Assembly.  In this assembly we recognize the achievements our pupils have attained in school, such as housepoint certificates, maths awards, school sporting achievements and take time to share these celebrations together.

We have introduced a new weekly award given by the class teachers to a pupil who has shown consistent learning behavior in any area of the curriculum. We will put the names of the pupils who have received a ‘Learner of the Week’ award on the weekly round-up.

Learners of the week for week ending 19th September 2014

HEDGEHOGS       Alfie Dudley

TIGERS                  Rachel Cooper

HUSKIES               Bethan Saunders

BUMBLEBEES      Jovanna Draycott

TARSIERS              Helena Dobos

JERBOAS               Luca Johnson

BEARS                    Holly Thoday

FOXES                    Ryan Melanie

COLONY of BATS    Maisie Isaac

PRIDE of LIONS      Jamie Buckenham


Learners of the the week for week ending 12th September 2014

HEDGEHOGS      Kyle Beacher

TIGERS                  Archie Harris

HUSKIES               Olivia Farrer

TARSIERS              Lily Mitchell-Crook

BUMBLEBEES      Jack Harvey

JERBOAS               Georgia Coram

BEARS                    Nelson Lee

FOXES                    Florence Pinkney

COLONY of BATS    Jack Squire

PRIDE of LIONS      Hannah Daley

Each week ‘Tidy Tigger’ is awarded by the school cleaning team to the tidiest and cleanest classroom in the school. 

There is also an attendance award for the class with the highest attendance for the previous week.

Every Thursday, in the key stage Celebration Assemblies, the children have the opportunity to celebrate their achievements in their activities outside the school day.

At the end of every half term pupils from each class are nominated for an Honours Award recognizing their hard effort and enthusiasm in a specific area of the school curriculum.

Also at the end of every half term a Values Award coinciding with our value for that half-term.

Our overriding value for the whole of the academic year 2014-15 is Agape

Our value for the autumn term is being friendly


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