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Blog- 26th June 2015

Talk homework: Discuss riddles. Why do people like them? What makes some tricky to solve?


“Today in English I enjoyed writing our own riddles, mine was about a toy but we had to use words to solve the riddle.” Katie.P whispered.

“I enjoyed writing our riddles also, because we got to guess what other peoples riddles were.” Replied Katy.L.


“I enjoyed it today because I go to see what steps teachers and children go through to prevent bullying.” Elizabeth said enthusiastically.


“I enjoyed writing our Big Write about the Muslim pilgrimage because I learnt a lot about the religion and the things that they needed to do before going.” Megan giggled.

“I enjoyed our Big Write because I got to choose a diary entry and I could pretend we were a Muslim on their pilgrimage.” Elana explained.


“This week we have been learning about change. I learnt to use my bond to help me work it out.” Agatha said nicely.

“We have also developed our problem solving skills and I liked using a game to work out the bill of a few amounts.” Hollie said quietly.


“In science we have been learning about magnets and forces. I enjoyed writing and drawing diagrams to investigate the poles on a magnet.” Joseph exclaimed.

“I enjoyed completing the sheet to show how the magnets repel or attract. I also enjoyed the game that we played with North and South cards.” Martha laughed.


Blog- 19th June

Talk homework:

Discuss what you have learnt about the Muslim pilgrimage called Hajj. What do they do to prepare? What do they do whilst they are there? Why is it important?


“I enjoyed looking at roman numerals because it was quite challenging with different V’s and X’s but as we progressed into the lessons I got the hang of it.” Joseph explained.


“We have been doing instructions in English and we made our own games. Mine was called ‘diamond pitch’ and I enjoyed making it.” Hollie said quietly.

“I enjoyed English because we got to make our own games and used our talk homework to write instructions for them.” Proclaimed Jack.

“I enjoyed writing my instructions because it was and I called my game ‘endangered panda’. Agatha said nicely.



This week we started our topic of forces and magnets.

“I enjoyed using the magnets and looking at how it affected the paper clip.” Katy.L whispered.

“I liked doing the magnet investigation with the paperclip because it was tricky to make it ‘hover’.” Tia giggled.

IMG_0660 IMG_0659 IMG_0658 IMG_0657 IMG_0656


“I enjoyed learning about the Muslim pilgrimage as the best part was the activity with the modelling clay.” Martha giggled.

“In RE I liked to modelling activity also as we made something that made us sad (this showed a worry) then we scrunched it into a ball and modelled something that made us happy. It was fun.” Katie said.

“I enjoyed looking at this pilgrimage because I liked writing about when Muslims throw stones at the pillar representing the devil.” Rhys explained.


“I enjoyed music this week as we learnt the second recorder part of ‘Old mac Donald’, we also know the beat for the djembe part.” Proclaimed Elana.


12th June 2015

Talk homework: What is important in making a good set of instructions? Start thinking about what makes a good set of instructions for a game.

Today we had enterprise – well done year 6.

“I enjoyed enterprise because you got to walk around and see a variety stools and I bought a cake.” Amelia said excitedly.

“I enjoyed going around enterprise because there were lots of different ones including: pillow fighting, nail painting, candy floss and pick n mix.” Elana said happily.

IMG_0644 IMG_0652 IMG_0653


“I enjoyed looking at roman numerals because Agatha and I worked together and we did well.” Rhys replied.

“This week I enjoyed looking at 12 and 24 hour times, it was fun changing between the two times.” Agatha said nicely.

“I also enjoyed using roman numerals as I have one in my kitchen so I know the symbols.” Katie.P said.

Big Write-

“I liked writing about my parable because I liked looking at the actions of others and how they affect others.” Exclaimed Louis.

“I enjoyed Big Write because it was fun making up my story and describing the characters.” Ellen giggled.


DT- This week in DT we have been making some levers.

“I enjoyed making the levers because it was a fun activity.” Elizabeth.L replied.

“I liked making the levers because I decorated mine with a flying pig!” Martha snorted.

IMG_0980 IMG_0981 IMG_0982 IMG_0984 IMG_0985


Blog- 5th June 2015

Talk homework- What is a parable? Do you already know a parable?

Discuss your ideas for your own parable.


This week has been our healthy eating week we have also started some new topics within science, maths and English.

Maths- In maths we have been learning time.

“I enjoyed doing time because it is really interesting how I learnt from my mistakes.” Ellen explained.

“I also enjoyed time and I look forward to next week when we move onto 12 and 24 hour clock.” Rhys said loudly.

Healthy Eating- In healthy eating we looked at how we should eat a balanced diet and therefore explored further into what is in our food- sugars and salt especially.

“I really enjoyed this week as Megan, Elizabeth and I did a presentation because we gathered lots of bits from home.” Elana said quietly.

“I enjoyed making our graph, Louis and I got salt and sugar the wrong way round but realised and changed it in our books.” Martha giggled.

“I enjoyed making the graphs on the computer because I liked writing in the table and therefore choosing the graphs.” Agatha said in a bubbly manner.

Healthy eating 1 Healthy eating 2 Healthy eating 3 Healthy eating 7 Healthy eating 11 Healthy eating 12 Healthy eating 13 Healthy eating 14 Healthy eating 15 Healthy eating 16 Healthy eating 17


“I enjoyed doing the new combination in karate but I didn’t get it at first, now I do.” Louis explained.


“I enjoyed PE because we did cricket. I was throwing and catching with Joe and I did it really well.” Replied Jack.


“I enjoyed starting DT as we are doing Levers and linkages. I am looking forward to making some levers next week to see what they do.” Amelia giggled.

“I was sad when I had to go for music during DT because I was looking forward to starting it.” Rhys said sadly.


“I enjoyed RE today as I am looking forward to writing my Big Write. In my parable my character is naughty and breaks the school rules so she learns that telling the truth is better as lieing can get her in more trouble!” said joyfully Elizabeth.S.


22nd May 2015: Talk Homework- Please talk about healthy eating.

We have had a very exciting week!


“I liked science today because I enjoyed testing the materials and recording which ones were transparent and opaque.” Elizabeth. S said scientifically.

Art- On Tuesday we made our Greek pots.

“I liked art because it was exciting to make the patterns on our Greek pots.” Laughed Agatha.

“I liked making my pot because it didn’t take that long, I think I chose an easy pattern.” Martha giggled.


On Wednesday it was India day and we saw loads of amazing costumes.

“I really liked the Indian food because it was different to normal.” Elizabeth. L Replied.

Thank you Mrs Biggs.

“When it was India day I liked it when we did Stick dancing as I learnt lots from the year 6’s” Jovanna said happily.

“I liked the day because I think everyone thought carefully about what they wore.” Explained Rhys.

IMG_0901 IMG_0915  IMG_0929IMG_0905 IMG_0932 IMG_0933 IMG_0935  IMG_0938IMG_0920IMG_0884 IMG_0887 IMG_0891 IMG_0893 IMG_0895 IMG_0897 IMG_0898 IMG_0899IMG_0936

On Thursday we went to a big music show at Woodgreen.

“I enjoyed singing because it was a lot of fun also we then performed to the parents which was good.” Amelia proclaimed.

IMG_1071 IMG_1080 IMG_1082


Inter house competition- Hockey.

Today we had our inter house competition and lots of children from bees competed.

Tia / Liam / Callum / Jack / Hollie / Amelia / Elizabeth.S and Joseph

“A big well done to those involved.” Katy. L whispered.

IMG_0666 IMG_0668 IMG_0670 IMG_0672

15th May 2015

TALK HOMEWORK. Ask your child what they have been learning about light and shadows. Discuss the words translucent, transparent and opaque.

This week we have been learning about fractions, Greek pots, myths, light and shadows and Hopscotch.

“My favourite subject was Art because we got to design our Greek pots and we will be making them next week!” Joseph explained.



In maths we have been learning about fractions.

“I have enjoyed adding and subtracting fractions because I think it’s not that hard really.” Martha giggled.

“I enjoyed putting the fractions into word problems because today we worked them out using the maths resources tray.” Katie. P said quietly.



“I enjoyed writing my Big Write about my myth, I liked writing my problem because that is the most interesting bit!” said Louis.

“I enjoyed this Big Write because I think it is the most I have written!” Katy. L whispered.


“I liked designing my pot, I have included a fire at the bottom and think it looks cool.” Ellen chuckled.

“I also enjoyed art because I went to the library (out of school) and got a book to make a Greek pot. I am painting my pot at the moment.” Elizabeth. S laughed.

“I enjoyed when we were writing and designing our pots, I am excited to make it next week.” Elana proclaimed.



“I’m looking forward to our concert because I have been practicing a lot.” Replied Rhys.

We hope that as many parents as possible can join us on Thursday.



“I enjoyed playing on Hopscotch because you could choose lots of different ways of moving your character. It was fun with Martha.” Elizabeth. L replied.

“I also liked doing Hopscotch because I liked moving my character go swirly and up and down.” Agatha said happily.


1st May 2015

Literacy-  Our unit in literacy is Myths and Legends and we have been reading lots to find out about the heroes and villains.

“I am enjoying looking at myths and legends specifically because I liked listening to new ones read.” Agatha discussed.

“I enjoyed looking at the myths and legends because  I like seeing what the Greeks believed in.” Louis said.

“I enjoyed identifying the heroes and villains today as it was fun.” Callum explained.



“I liked making the Greek salad because I liked most of the ingredients and It was good to find out the foods that the Greek eat.” Elizabeth.S chuckled.

“I also liked making the Greek salad because I wanted to try it- I really liked the tomatoes.” Katie .P said.

“I enjoyed doing the Greek salad because I liked the ingredients in it apart from the olives! My sister wasn’t aloud any but I shall make some more at home!” giggled Elana.

IMG_0642 IMG_0643 IMG_0644 IMG_0645 IMG_0647 IMG_0649 IMG_0650 IMG_0651 IMG_0656 IMG_0657


Maths- “I enjoyed our maths this week because we played a balancing game to show ‘the same as’.” Ellen laughed.

“I enjoyed working out the ratios of ingredients needed for DT. Elizabeth and I struggled solving half of an onion but got there in the end J” Megan smiled.

“I enjoyed completing the puzzles because when we finish them they will create a picture.” Replied Elizabeth. L.



“I enjoyed researching about Ancient Greece because I found quite a lot!” Martha explained.


Talk homework- The children have been asked to give a family member instructions e.g to make a cup of tea or a sandwich etc.

What is important when giving instructions? How can you make them clear?

24th April

This week we have been very busy and have started learning about our new Topic- Ancient Greece.

Science- This week we have started a new unit of Light.

“I enjoyed grouping the light sources and not light sources with picture cards.” Ellen giggled.


“I liked writing to my friend in PHSCE because I haven’t seen her in a long time.” Smiled Megan.

“I liked doing the circle time game ‘have you seen this person’ because it made me feel good when Louis said I was good at maths.” Rhys replied.

“I liked writing my letter to Joseph because I put a poem in it!” Agatha said.


This week in maths we have been learning about measurements.

“I particularly enjoyed estimating how much the objects weighed and then we got to weigh them with scales.”  Katy. L whispered.

“I enjoyed going on the weighing game today. Elana and I got to move the parcel to put in on the scale or next to the ruler.” Katie. P said quietly.

Literacy- In literacy we have started learning about myths and legends.

RE- Today we have been learning about expressing our feelings and understanding other peoples feelings. We have written some feelings in response to pictures.

“I enjoyed looking at the pictures that were happy because they made me smiles.” Enjoyed Hollie.

“I enjoyed looking at the pictures today because one of them is my favourite painting.” Elana explained.

“I liked one of the pictures in particular because it was nice.” Elizabeth. L replied.


Talk homework- Please watch the suggested clip and discuss all that we have learnt this week.

17th April 2015

This week we have had an E-safety week.

We have specifically been learning about our safety when playing games offline and online.


“I enjoyed doing our ICT / literacy because we were making leaflets and they were fun. I finished mine.” Giggled Agatha.

“I enjoyed literacy because we were able to choose different leaflets.” Laughed Martha.

“I was interested to see how far the photo of Mrs Loakes had travelled around the world.” Megan explained.

“I enjoyed doing my leaflet as we got lots of facts in it and it is interesting.” Said Ellen.

“We were able to put in some really interesting facts and pictures.” Elana explained.



This term we have a Topic of Ancient Greece.

“I enjoyed making our own games.” replied Liam.

“I enjoyed learning about ancient Greece because I watch a clip at home and it was really factual.” reclaimed Rhys.

IMG_0860 IMG_0862 IMG_0864 IMG_0865 IMG_0866 IMG_0867 IMG_0868 IMG_0870 IMG_0872 IMG_0873 IMG_0874



“I enjoyed adding weights together. At first it tricked me adding g and Kg together but now I have got it!” Louis said.

“I enjoyed doing looking at all the different types of measurements.” Joseph ummed.


27th March 2015

PE- Today in PE we did rounders.

“I enjoyed running around the posts to get a rounder.” Agatha explained.


Play- Thank you to all the support received with our play- Pirates V’s Mermaids.

“I enjoyed doing the play as I mostly liked the song pool party because it is bouncy.” Megan giggled.

“I enjoyed the play because the songs were great. My family saw it and were smiling at me which made me more confident.” Smiled Elizabeth.S.


Maths- In maths we investigated various body statements like do people with long legs jump the furthest?

“I enjoyed using the trundle wheel to measure how far people threw.” Laughed Ellen.

“My group looked at jumping, we used the chalk to record the distance and we had to do it more than once to get good tests!” Elizabeth replied.


DT- We had great fun making our geobars and even though they didn’t quite solidify as they were supposed to, I’m told they were yummy!

“I enjoyed making our geobars because I like cooking.” Liam exclaimed.

“I enjoyed making our geobar boxes because at first I was unsure but then Megan showed me and now it looks nice.” Rhys explains.

IMG_0813 IMG_0814 IMG_0817 IMG_0818 IMG_0819 IMG_0825 IMG_0826 IMG_0832 IMG_0837 IMG_0843


Talk homework- Autumn 2
Talk Homework: Discuss your trick that Mr and Mrs Twit will play on each other. Discuss what they will say (speech) and what they will do (stage directions) ready to write your play on Tuesday.

20th March 2015


Music – In music we have been learning different notes on the recorder, we had a new one it was E which is La.

“I enjoyed it because E is a nice sound.” Giggled Ellen.

“In music I enjoyed playing the djembe part.” Martha pronounced.


Play- Today we practiced the play in our costumes.

“I enjoyed the practice today because we had a good run through and it sounded like it will on the night!” explained Elana.

“I liked seeing everyone in their costumes, it was funny when Louise and Katy.L fell off the bench backwards- hopefully this won’t happen on the night!” Elizabeth.S laughed.


Karate- “We had our last lesson before Easter and it was really good!” Liam announced.

“I enjoyed the game of Dodge ball especially when Ellen was the last person standing- she screamed!” Elizabeth.L replied.



“I enjoyed planning my own trick for Mr and Mrs Twit, mine is called The Rat Trick!” Katie.P admitted.


Today was exciting with the eclipse-

“I liked watching the clip of the eclipse because it was interesting and I learnt some facts.” Elizabeth.S smiled.


In PE we are learning tennis.

“I enjoyed learning back hand but I accidently did it too hard and it flew past Ellen.” Rhys added.


13th March

Talk homework- To discuss food nutrition- what have you eaten today? How much fruit and veg should we eat? What are the food groups?


Today was our class assembly and we had so much fun!

“I really liked it because it was red nose day!” Megan giggled.

“I really enjoyed practicing our play because we rein acted Mr and Mrs Twit’s squiggly spaghetti, I shouted at Joseph!” Agatha explained.

“I really enjoyed it because I liked doing the karate.” Liam replied.

IMG_0480 IMG_0491 IMG_0492 IMG_0494 IMG_0507 IMG_0512 IMG_0515 IMG_0516 IMG_0518 IMG_0520 IMG_0521



“I enjoyed doing our final pieces from what we had practiced in our sketch books.” Katie. P admitted.

“I was proud of the shades and tone of my flower in my final piece, I chose to complete it using coloured pencils.” Replied Elizabeth.L.

“I have enjoyed using flowers for our art.” Hollie excitedly said.


Big Write-

In Big Write today we completed our report about Fair Trade.

“I really enjoyed it because I got onto my second page!” Katy.L whispered.



“I enjoyed writing from the point of view of one of the monkeys in Mr and Mrs Twit. I especially liked acting it out before.” Elana proclaimed.



I have enjoyed developing our addition and subtraction written method. I feel confident using it.” Ellen giggled.



“I enjoyed learning about the farm animals this week, because they sound different to the English so it is a challenge to learn them.” Elizabeth.S produced.


6th March 2015

Talkhomework- To discuss Fair Trade. We are writing a report this week about Fair Trade- what it is, the products through it and the people involved in it. Please discuss why people feel it is important farmers get a fair wage, how bananas get to our super markets and gather any facts that will help.


We heard the full play for the first time this week and the year 4’s are doing a great job learning their lines.

Science- This week we learnt about the different names of the bones in the skeleton.

“I enjoyed it because I want to be a doctor when I’m older.” Megan explained.

IMG_0456 IMG_0459 IMG_0460 IMG_0461 IMG_0462

On Monday we chose our new seats thinking carefully about who we would learn well with.

DT- In DT we are designing and making our own Geobars – Fair Trade of course!

“I have enjoyed planning it because I can’t wait to make it!” Katie.P admitted.

“I put in chocolate and orange- because I know they are Fair Trade ingredients.” Giggled Martha.

PE-“I liked PE today because we are learning tennis and I enjoy it because I am learning new skills.” Elizabeth. S introduced.

“I enjoyed PE today because we were working with partners as well as practicing on our own.” Exclaimed Agatha.

Spanish- “We love the elephant song.” Louis, Megan, Rhys, Katy.L said.

This coming Friday (13th) we would like it if you could join us for our class assembly.


27th Feb

Talk homework: Please discuss with your child, How to stay safe on the internet?

What a fun day dressed up as our favourite book characters! We shared who we were and wrote book reviews about our chosen books.

Here are a few pictures:

IMG_0485 IMG_0490 IMG_0504 IMG_0505 IMG_0507 IMG_0509 IMG_0510 IMG_0513 IMG_0514 IMG_0517 IMG_0519 IMG_0521 IMG_0523 IMG_0524 IMG_0526 IMG_0527 IMG_0529 IMG_0532 IMG_0533 IMG_0534 IMG_0536 IMG_0540

13th February 2015


In Literacy we performed our poems ‘Walking with my iguana.’ “I enjoyed it because I sang our version.” Agatha explained.

We wrote our 500 word stories, which has been copied for us to type up and submit into the BBC competition. “I enjoyed writing the 500 word story because I wrote mine about my favourite animal and was able to use my plan that I had discussed at home.” Katie said.

“I liked the story because I wrote at least a page and a half!” announced Jack.

“I also enjoyed writing my story because I set mine in a school and I wrote it in school.” Elana proclaimed.


Today we got to plant bulbs around the school. “I liked it because it was fun, I usually do gardening with my mum in the summer but I can’t at the moment so it was nice to do.” Elizabeth.S pronounced.


In Art we are nearly ready for our final pieces so this week we used pastels, pencils and powder paint to practice creating tone and details. “My favourite medium used was pencil because it looked neater and I was able to add more details.” Elizabeth.L replied.


In maths we have been learning about time. It would be great if you could help us practice this over half term. “I liked it in maths when we starting reading roman numerals on our clocks.” Mumbled Joseph.

“I liked looking at time again as I was a little unsure but now I have got the hang of it.” Said Amelia.


In PE we were combining all of our skills together to play a hockey game. “I enjoyed it because we had good sized pitches.” Louis examined.


This morning we started listening to the songs for our play. “The songs made me giggle” Rhys said.       It’s going to be good!


6.2.15 Talk Homework: Next week we are writing a 500 word adventure story . The children have recently been learning how to write a good adventure story. We are writing this week with the BBC radio2 story competition in mind. The children will be offered a choice to write their previous story as a 500 word story with a chance to improve it, or alternatively they can write a completely different one. Please discuss adventures stories you know and have read. What makes a good adventure story?

30.2.15- Talk Homework:  Next week discuss the requirements of a plant for healthy growth and therefore how this can be affected. Discuss ideas for a possible investigation and what outcomes could be predicted.

30.1.15- Blog


In maths we made our own 3D shapes out of straws and blue tac. “I enjoyed it because it was quite fiddly!” Megan giggled. “I also enjoyed this as mine stayed up!” Martha laughed. “My octagonal prism didn’t go very well but I kept trying.” Said Ellen.

“I enjoyed looking at patterns of shapes during CLIC.” Replied Amelia.

“In maths I enjoyed problems solving today because it was really really fun.” Proclaimed Elana.

IMG_0766 IMG_0770 IMG_0773 IMG_0777 IMG_0779 IMG_0780 IMG_0781 IMG_0782 IMG_0783 IMG_0784 IMG_0785 IMG_0787


“I enjoyed doing the sequence of blocks and punch.” Said Louis.

“I liked the new zombie game we learnt!” Tia giggled.


In science we have been learning about plants. We have looked at how different plants have adapted to different habitats around the world. “I enjoyed looking at the rainforest environment.” Hollie replied.


In English we wrote our adventure and mystery stories.

“I liked it because I have never written so much before.” Smiled Rhys.

“I loved writing about my monster and describing him as well as writing the rest of the story.” Agatha explained.

Art- In art we showed the tone of our chosen flowers using wool.

“I liked choosing the colours and how they looked as I went down the cardboard.” Elizabeth .L replied.


Blog- 23.1.15 Talk Homework: Next week we are writing our own adventure and mystery stories. The children already have characters and their own island setting. Please discuss adventures stories you know and have read. What makes a good adventure story?


In maths we have been learning about parallel and perpendicular lines. We also started looking at right angles and acute (smaller than 90) and obtuse (greater than 90) “I enjoyed using the protractors to measure angles.” Exclaimed Elana. “I enjoyed going around the school to find parallel and perpendicular lines.” Answered Amelia.

“I enjoyed marking on the parallel and perpendicular lines on the shapes.” Martha giggled.

Art- “I enjoyed choosing the colours for our tone that we painted. When we added the white it made different colours.” Elizabeth.L replied.


English- In comprehension we looked at a direction text and some of us had to produce good enough directions that led someone to different places in the school. “I enjoyed going around the school to see if our directions worked.” Katie admitted.

Music- Sadly we didn’t have Miss Gunn or Mrs Hamleton but we did get a chance to compose our own beats and rhythms. “I really liked that we got to make our own tone as I got to play my violin as part of it.” Agatha pronounced. “I liked it that we could choose our own instruments to play.” Elizabeth. S exclaimed.

IMG_0458 IMG_0460 IMG_0461 IMG_0462 IMG_0463 IMG_0464 IMG_0465 IMG_0466 IMG_0467 IMG_0468

Spanish- We continued practicing our Spanish sports with Mrs Anderson this week. “I liked doing the actions to the sports.” Said Louise.

Karate- karina had to step out at the beginning of karate, so Sensei Bell took the warm up!

“I enjoyed when Mrs Bell showed us the warm up movements.” Stated Megan.


Blog- 16.1.15- Talk homework: Next week at school we will be thinking and writing about ‘Natural Disasters’. Discussion with your child about natural disasters will really help. We will be recognising how beautiful nature is but how it can be dangerous too. Is it fair when people’s houses are flooded?

Happy New year.

In maths we have been problem solving. “I really liked it this afternoon when we could choose the problems we solved.” Agatha exclaimed.

In science we sketched leaves. “I really enjoyed sketching the leaves, my favourite was coloured pencils.” Katie said.

“I also enjoyed sketching, my favourite was the oil pastels and I drew a leaf of holly.” Giggled Ellen.

In theme we are now learning about Fair Trade. “I really enjoyed thinking about what we already know and asking questions that we could find out.” Elana explained.

In Spanish we started a new topic which is ‘Sports’. “We learnt gymnastics which is – gymnasia” Katy replied.


28th November 2014

DT- “In DT this week I enjoyed finish off our flow chart. Next week I’m exciting to start making our Stone Age Soft toy!” Laughed Agatha.

“I am making a sabre tooth tiger.” Said Jack.

“I enjoyed filling in our DT booklet as it made me think about what you are going to make and helps give you some ideas.” Elizabeth.S explained.

Maths-“I enjoyed doing fractions, I especially liked using smarties for finding the answers to questions.” Louis announced.

Pro-kick challenge-

“I liked the pro kick challenge as we were able to see how fast the ball went in the goal.” Answered Liam.

“I enjoyed shouting to encourage other class mates to do their best.” Elana replied.

Katie said, “I’m excited to see who gets the medals for the pro kick challenge.”

“I liked the pro kick challenge as I enjoyed taking part and it was fun.” Megan announced.

IMG_0560 IMG_0565 IMG_0567 IMG_0568 IMG_0570 IMG_0574 IMG_0578 IMG_0590 IMG_0591 IMG_0594 IMG_0597 IMG_0603 IMG_0609 IMG_0617 IMG_0624 IMG_0627 IMG_0628 IMG_0636 IMG_0642 IMG_0643

English- “I have enjoyed planning our letter ready for writing to our authors on Monday. I am writing to Emer Stamp.” Ellen giggled.

“I have enjoyed moving onto our new class reader- ‘Bob’s mum’s knickers!’ It made me giggle.” Giggled away Rhys.

“Tonight I’m excited about cinema night!” Elizabeth replied.

21st November 2014

Last week:

Maths- “When we were doing time last week I didn’t really understand digital time but Agatha helped me and I understand it now.” Said Amelia.

“ I enjoyed being on the carpet showing times using the clocks.” Giggled Ellen.

“I have a better understanding of 20 past and all times now than before.” Elana announced.


PE- “I enjoyed doing Pop-pass because I think it helped my passing. “ answered Tom.

This week:

Maths- “In maths I enjoyed doing the puzzle which involved our fractions work.” Katie .P admitted.

“I enjoyed doing fractions and finding out what they are the same as.” Rhys explained.


Theme- “In theme today we were learning about Skara Brae, I could use my presentation to help me.” Katy.L announced.



Bumblebees did really well with their presentations. They all spoke for some time about the Stone Age homes and settlements.

IMG_0393 IMG_0394 IMG_0395 IMG_0396 IMG_0397 IMG_0398


Science- “ I enjoyed learning about different soils and about how much each one collected the water.” Said Agatha.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5


Big Write- “I enjoyed writing about our soil investigation.” Louis examined.

“ I think writing the science Big Write helped me learn more because I know how different soils absorb the water.” Elizabeth .S announced.

PE- “ I enjoyed practicing our line work for rugby because it was fun.” Callum replied.
7th Nov 2014

Today in maths we were measuring. We made invisibility potions, estimated capacity, weighing fruit and estimating presents in a bag.

“I enjoyed making and pouring the potion because we were trying to work out if it was real.” Elana announced.

maths-capacity (7) maths-capacity (8) maths-capacity (9) maths-capacity (10) maths-capacity (11) maths-capacity (12) maths-capacity (13) maths-capacity (15) maths-capacity (16)


“I enjoyed doing rugby as we learnt how to pass the ball.” Laughed Callum.


In DT we are going to make our own Stone Age soft toys.

“I am excited to make our own soft toys.” Explained Agatha.


“I enjoyed doing the Stone Age cave art with all the pastels and charcoal.” Elizabeth replied.

“I liked the hand art because we could choose the colour chalk.” Elizabeth. S announced.

“I enjoyed doing the cave art because it was fun drawing around our hands and then blending it.” Katie admitted.

cave art! (1) cave art! (2) cave art! (3) cave art! (4)


“I am enjoying practicing our round house kick and getting our certificates.” Megan giggled.



“I’m excited to bring in our presentations for Monday.” Rhys examined.


Thursday 23rd October 14


In maths we have been learning about pictograms and frequency tables.

“I wasn’t very sure about frequency tables but this week I’ve got better.” Giggled Amelia.

“I liked doing the pictograms because I can see how it will be good for collecting data.” Laughed Ellen.



“I enjoyed finish the term with dodge ball.” Callum exclaimed.

We have been practising our Round house kick and we are improving.

“I like doing the round house kick.” Explained Rhys.



“I liked making our Stone Age pottery as we made it with clay and we took the air out of it by smacking it on the table and then decorating it.” Announced Elizabeth.L.

“I liked art because we shaped our pot, I made mine into a heart shape.” Replied Martha.

“I also enjoyed finishing our trainer drawing close up.” Pronounced Megan.

IMG_0482 IMG_0483 IMG_0484 IMG_0485 IMG_0486 IMG_0487 IMG_0488 IMG_0490 IMG_0491 IMG_0492 IMG_0494 IMG_0495 IMG_0496



This week we wrote our report about the Stone Age in Big Write.

“I liked it because we got to do a big piece of writing and we used all our information that we had gathered.” Said Elana.


Science- In science we have been fortunate enough to borrow some rock from Sedgwich Museum. We have explored a whole range of rocks and even used our microscope to look closer!

Science-rocks (1) Science-rocks (2) Science-rocks (3) Science-rocks (4) Science-rocks (5) Science-rocks (6)


We wish you a relaxing and safe half term.


17th October 2014


This week we have been measuring in maths. We had to solve problems in metres, centimetres and millimetres. We have also added and subtracted using measurements- very well. J

“I enjoyed converting our measurements and using the decimal point for recording metres.” Said Agatha.


“I enjoyed copying our trainers in art, through close observational drawing.” Giggled Callum.

“I enjoyed drawing our PE shoes because we used different techniques- like hatching, stippling and tone.” Laughed Ellen.


Next week we will be writing our reports about the Stone Age.

“I liked making my mind map by adding lots of information.” Louis exclaimed!


In literacy we also worked on using and completing our own glossary.

“I enjoyed looking at the different words and explaining what they all meant.” Rhys said breathlessly.


This week we had double music.

“I liked having two music lessons because we learnt a new song.” Called Jovanna.



This week we used the pad to try out or round house kick.

“ I couldn’t kick the pad so I was disappointed.” Moaned Joseph. L


Our Big Write was to write ‘ What’s in the box?’

“I liked our Big Write because we could write about anything.” Liam replied.



“At the end of PE I enjoyed taking penalties and saving some goals.” Callum laughed.

“Joseph was a good referee because he was serious.” Announced Megan.





“I really liked playing against other people in the world.” Said Ellen.

“I really enjoyed that we can build points because I have now earn my Bronze certificate.” Answered Elana.


Today we have dressed in red, white and blue to raise money for our armed forces.

“I enjoyed it because we were raising money and we all looked colourful.” Elizabeth replied.


For our Big Write this week we were given time to write a story with a connection to the Stone Age.

“I liked it because we could have talking animals and they could be exploring. We were able to choose everything about it.” Katie said.

This week we thought about the things God has given us ready for harvest and our church visit on Monday. We drew real fruit using sketching skills.

“I liked doing art this week” replied Tom.

If you would like to see it, please feel free to walk down to church with us.



“I have enjoyed maths this week as I have enjoyed the learning.” Laughed Tom.

“I liked learning about shapes especially the problem solving with shapes.” Callum replied.



Maths afternoon-Last Friday afternoon some of our parents joined us for solving some maths problems.

“I liked it that Dad came into school and we did a puzzle,” said Elizabeth .S

“For our activity we had to sort the shapes out to make the mask and it was so tricky!” explained Agatha.

Our Big Write-

“I really enjoyed writing my letter about Charlie’s chocolate factory.” Replied Rhys.

We then used our letters to freeze frame the emotions they would be feeling.

“I really enjoyed the freeze frames because we had to stay still.”

We had our first week to the new timings of the day and it took a little getting used to.


English activities-

“I really liked reading the text in Guided Reading as we looked at the middle of the Earth.” Announced Megan.



26th September 2014

International Day-

“I have enjoyed learning about Belgium.” Rhys said.

“I liked everybody’s costumes” replied Elizabeth. L

“At lunch I really liked the flags around the room.” Elizabeth. S announced.

Thank you to Mrs Bigg, her cooking team and Mrs Anderson for the spectacular day, from Bumble bees.

IMG_0447 IMG_0450 IMG_0453 IMG_0454 IMG_0455 international day (2) international day (3) international day (4)


In music we learnt a piece of music using the note B.

“I really enjoyed our second music lesson.” Said Katie.

“Queen Caroline was the song we learnt and I really liked it.” Replied Ellen.

Megan and Tom really liked our warm up song- I’m sure they’ll sing it for you if you ask!

IMG_0435 IMG_0436 IMG_0437 IMG_0439


Welcome to Bumblebees class page

19.9.14 –

Welcome to Bumblebees blog.

We have started year 3 really well and are settling into the routines and expectations of being in key stage 2.

This week in Maths we have enjoyed timing each other to see how quick our mental addition and subtraction is.

This week both year 3 classes had their first music lesson with Miss Gunn and Mrs Hamilton. We received our recorders and shall practice in class before taking them home.

Also in English we have started Grammar and Comprehension.

A good start to Karate as we recapped some of our blocks, kicks and punches.

Our window art is finished so please take a look.

We have already started developing our Spanish by learning directions this week with Mrs Anderson.

Our theme this term is Stone Age and we have started to explore how long ago it really was!









  1. You are a fun because you always think of something really exiting in art and pretty much everything and I really like maths as well because you always have a new activity for each person that is really enjoyable for every body and all you do is just amazing and we are just really lucky to have you as are teacher 😍😄😃😎
    from louise

  2. My favourite bit at the moment is DT because we are looking at the unit cooking.
    We are making Geo bars mine is made from Oats,rice crisps,golden syurp,granola and strawberries.
    Mrs Bell is the best!

    Love Elana

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