Whole School India Day – Wednesday 20th May

India Day this week was a huge success with many of our children coming to school wearing Indian dress.  The day was organised by pupils in Year 6 – they planned, made their resources and taught the lessons.  During the day the rest of the school had the opportunity to do stick dancing, water carrying, learnt about Vellore – the village Miss Anderson and Mrs Loakes visited in February, drink rosemilk (an Indian delicacy), play a board game and make Mendhi and Rangoli patterns.


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Virtual Tour of the school by year 6

Welcome to the school was made by the children in Year 6. This is a virtual tour of our school and to get to know us better if you do not already!  They worked hard on this, scripted designed and made this themselves completely independently in its entirety.  We are so proud of what our pupils achieve. We hope you enjoy and welcome to our school

Key Stage 1

E-Safety – See how far our post on Facebook went !

We would like to thank all of you who supported us in sharing our post from our school Facebook Page.

mrs L


It was really important for us to show the children just how far the post reached once we had put it on Facebook.  Have a look at the pictures of our school map that show how far our post was seen across the world.

For more information on E-safety and what we did in our E- Safety week click here – E- Safety Week


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School Update Week Ending 24th April – Sporting Achievement

During this week Buckden School has excelled in inter schools sporting events.

Cross Country

A team of cross country runners competed in the Huntingdon District Cross Country Annual Event which took place at Priory Park.  Over 60 schools entered the event and both the boys and girls team excelled.. The girls team came 16th out of 101 schools, and the boys team came 35th out of 128 schools.

Well done to all our runners, Amelia, Ellie, Florence and Kira, and Charlie, Henry, Mack and Ryan.


Our Year 5/6 football team played in the final of the Medium Schools Spring Tournament against Bury School.  The team won 4-1 after a hard fought game.  Well done to the team, Joe, Kieran, Jonathan, Lewis, Ryan, Edward, Mack , Jack , Fin, Henry, James and Charlie

Year 5/6 football team

The Year 5/6 Football team with Mr May and Mr Deans who have been a great support to the boys this year. What a fantastic achievement, Well Done boys.

We do a great deal of sport at school and enriching the children’s opportunities. Please check out all our activities and achievements here – Sport Enrichment

School Update Week Ending 17th April – Make a Difference Day

We are really pleased with all we achieved when the staff and a group of parents came into school to improve the environment around the school.

The hanging baskets donated by Claire Gill from Homes and Gardens are taking pride of place at the front of school and we painted the two planters at the front with the stain and replanted them with the begonias and some of the pansies that they also donated.

Bob Masters did a super job weeding and pruning the quiet area and Eleanor did a massive litter pick on the field

Mrs Loakes put the veg beds together and up on the field, donated again by Homes and Gardens.

Mr Moss, Mrs Redwood, Callum and Lizell also painted the PE shed and a long length of the playground fencing. Still a bit to go but we will get there!

Mr Hill and a friend from RAF Wyton also painted some more of the rear of the school as a thank you for the schools contribution to Buck Fest that will take place on the Millennium Field on Sunday 19th July.

We also have Homes and Gardens to thank for the blue pots are amazing and we plan to put them outside the hall, the larger one with some large indoor plants in and the smaller one with the poppies from the Tower of London.

We hope to continue with improving our school environment by finishing the fence, painting all the outside furniture and planters. We would also like to continue to paint the building and cut and prune where needed.

We will be running two more Make a Difference Saturday mornings 9- 12 this term on the 9th May and 13th June, it would be great if we could get as many people as possible if you can spare just an hour or two that is fine.

School Update Week Ending 13th March – Comic Relief

Many of our children came into school with their faces painted for ‘Funny Faces for Comic Relief Day’.  The children also enjoyed their biscuits at playtime.  The bus children deserve a special mention as they have completed their journeys to and from school in silence, to raise money for Comic Relief.  Thank you for the donations sent in – we will inform you of the total in next week’s round-up.

IMG_0337    IMG_0331

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Funny faces to raise money for Comic Relief